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"Hangin' with the Hillbillies"

Please welcome a new feature to the Krazy Kirk Website featuring Tim Strauch II

* Hangin' with the Hillbillies ~ "The Orange Blossom Special" ~ click here..... Episode 1  


* Hangin' with the Hillbillies ~  "Rocky Top" ~ click here..... Episode 2 


* Hangin' with the Hillbillies ~ "Barefoot Nellie" ~ click here..... Episode 3  

* Hangin' with the Hillbillies"Downtown" ~ click here..... Episode 4


* Hangin' with the Hillbillies ~ "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"~ click here..... Episode 5

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Sunday, August 27, 2017
18th Annual Elvis Festival

   Featuring Your Elvis Host, Kirk Wall and Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies​  

Interested in seeing where we started? Or learning about our 26+ years at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe?

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NOW $16.50 each

Both CDs are available for $31.00

(when shipped together).

The price includes shipping, paypal fees and handling within the continental US.

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​​​Miss seeing the Hillbillies? How about the next best thing?

Hillbillies by SHAG

CD #2 ~ Lay Off My Bluegrass Shoes ~ Songs include:

Burnin' Love, I Got a Woman, Too Much,

Return To Sender, Little Sister, Suspicious Minds,

In The Ghetto, Don't Be Cruel,​Love Me Tender

and Can't Help Falling in Love.​​

 Get them while they last. 

Friday, June 23, 2017
   Norco Summer Concerts in the Park

(Photos courtesy of TracyLynn Wall & Christy Kimmerman)

Cartoon Hillbilly Artwork

CD #1 ~ The Billys Live ~ Songs include:

 Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Country Boy, 

Barefoot Nellie,  The Letter, 

How Mountains Girls Can Love, Downtown, 

Flowers on the Wall, No Matter What, Rocky Top,

​Ticket to Ride, Orange Blossom Special and

The Devil Went Down to Georgia​  

Ordering is a simple  process:

Step #1 - Email Jan Vincent (CD Sales, Social Media and Website Manager) at jan@krazykirkandthehillbillies.com and include your shipping address and order information. Please tell her if you are buying one CD (which one?); both CDs or two or more of the same CD in your email.

Step #2Pay for the order...  Jan will answer your email (as soon as humanly possible) with a link to our Paypal account or..... You can click this link to pay on Paypal yourself....  paypal.me/JanetVincent . Each CD is $16.50. and includes shipping and paypal fees. If you want 2 CDs include $31.; 3 CDs = $45. etc. Please, be sure to include your shipping address and which CDs you are ordering in the Paypal comments. Jan will send you a confirmation email to make sure we have your order correct.

Step #3 - Shipment of your order ~ Once payment is received your CD (or CDs), they will be shipped to you via USPS (next day Monday through Saturdays)​​

Step # 4 - Enjoy your new Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies CD!!!​​

​Meet the Guys!

"Krazy" Kirk Wall on Guitar, Fiddle

 "Whistlin" Rick Storey on Banjo, Guitar

"Animal" Anders Swanson on Bass, Fiddle, Mando

"Dynamite" Dennis Fetchet on Fiddle, Mando, Guitar


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