Fulton Burley, Betty Taylor and Bert Henry

Golden Horseshoe Revue Castmember Photos:

Fulton and Wally                          Fulton Burley - plain suit                 Fulton Burley - fancy suit                Fulton Burley -blue suit             The ever smiling Jay Meyer

   Betty Taylor                           The Amazing Wally Boag                       Wally with a mustache                    Wally without hair




The Golden Horseshoe Revue Album featuring the cast that was sold at Disneyland in 1957 and released in 1959. It starred Wally Boag, Don Novis, Betty Taylor, The Mellomen and The Strawhatters.

Click on this link to see more information and photos about the
 Golden Horseshoe Revue Album

Betty Taylor in the 1950's

Wally Boag before the Golden Horseshoe
I love that the poster thanks Lew Grade, later to become Sir Lew Grade, the man who helped bring us the Muppet Show [filmed in London]

Fulton Burley with Wally Boag

​​The Golden Horseshoe Revue  ran from July 16, 1955 until October 12, 1986. Originally written by Wally Boag and Don Novis with musical help from Charles LaVere, Walt's idea was to present a representation of an old west saloon/ dance hall with comedy, dancing girls, plenty of singing and a beautiful leading lady.

The Original Cast  included Wally Boag, as the traveling Salesman and Pecos Bill; Don Novis as the Emcee and Irish Tenor and Judy Marsh as Slue-foot Sue, owner of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. Betty Taylor replaced Judy March in 1956 and Don Novis was replaced by Fulton Burley in 1962.

Wally Boag
Born at home on September 13, 1920 in Portland, Oregon to Wallace and Evelyn Boag, Wally started in show business at an early age attending dancing school at age 5 and opening his own dancing school at age 16. He started in Burlesque theater at age 18 playing clarinet and started playing clubs around the Portland area following high school.

That started his journey of being "on the road" with his act and he gained some success in Hollywood. On July 20, 1943, he married actress, Ellen Morgan and went under contract to MGM Studios where he met Fulton Burley. [also under contract to MGM]

In 1955, following a command performance for the Queen of England, Wally was asked by Don Novis, if he would be interested in auditioning for Walt Disney for his new theme park.... and the rest is history. Wally Boag retired from the show in 1982. Wally passed away on June 4, 2001 in Santa Monica, California. Wally is still represented on facebook via his son, Laurence Boag @

Youtube video of Wally Boag on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1961,

courtesy of The Ed Sullivan Show


Youtube video of Wally Boag dancing,

courtesy of Dana Daniels


Wally did this show too.
[Thanks to ScooterPiety for the video]

Don Novis
Born in Hastings, Sussex, England, Don Novis came to the United States to pursue an acting and singing career. 

He made his film debut in the 1929 movie "Bulldog Drummond" and appeared in several other films. Later films included "One Hour With You" [1932], and "This is the Night" [1932]. He led his ownorchestra in the early 30's and recorded with Brunswick Records.

He sand on the radio with various orchestra and appeared on the Fiber McGee and Molly radio show several times in the early 1930's. He starred on Broadway in two productions including Rudolph Ferml's Luana and Rodger and Hart's JUMBO from 1935 to 1936. 

Don had worked with Wally Boag before in Australia while appearing with "Peep Show". His voice was recorded on several movie soundtracks, most notably, Disney's Bambi in which he sang the 1942 Oscar nominated song "Love is a Song". Don Novis left the Golden Horseshoe Revue Show in 1962, due to poor health. Don passed away on July 23, 1966.

Here is an audio of Don Novis singing "Sweet and Lovely" 

with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra in 1931


Here is a audio from 1932 on youtube featuring Don Novis

singing "One Hour With You"


Here is an audio of Don Novis singing "Love is a Song"

from Bambi in 1942


This is an audio of Don Novis

singing in the Golden Horseshoe Revue in 1957

Courtesy of DisneyAudioMagic 2


Very Little is known about Judy Marsh. She worked as a singer

in the early '50's with local night clubs and occasional performances

on the Spade Cooley Show on KTLA in Los Angeles. She appeared

in a vaudeville revival show called BIGTIME in 1947. She left Disney

in 1956; 6 months after she started under uncertain circumstances

and was replaced with singer, Betty Taylor.


Betty Taylor was born in Seattle, Washington. She began taking

dance lessons at age 3 and by age 12 was appearing in her first

professional stage show. She sang with several bands including

Les Brown and his Band of Renown and performed in shows

with Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas. 

She joined the cast of the Golden Horseshoe Revue in early 1956

replacing Judy Marsh. She stayed with the show for 30 years and

performed over 45,000 shows with co-starts Wally Boag and

Fulton Burley.Betty stayed with the show until its close in 1986

and passed away on June 5, 2001 in Coupeville, Washington.

Betty Taylor singing during the 10,000 Show  in 1962

Video Courtesy of Mouse Castle


Fulton Burley was born on June 12, 1922 in Toronto, Canada and

raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and came to the United States

in 1943 after a telephone audition landed him the singing lead in

Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe Revue on Broadway. He was

signed to an MGM contract where he met Wally Boag as they

appeared together in the film, "Thrill of a Romance".

During WWII, Fulton served in the Army traveling to

China, Burma and India.

 Encouraged by Wally, in 1962, he joined the cast of the

Golden Horseshoe replacing the ailing Don Novis.

He stayed with the show for 24 years until it closed in 1986.

Youtube video of Fulton Burley

Lovingly complied by Scott Wolf @ Mouse Clubhouse 
and used at Fulton's Memorial in 2007  


A pre-show warm-up was performed by Jack Watson, who hosted an audience sing along of 1860's songs. Eventually, Jack was replaced by a slide presentation of lyrics and songs.

Other comedians who played the role included Bert Henry (who was Wally's sub when the show first opened), Jim Adams (who subbed for Wally for 12 years), Dick Hardwick (who replaced Wally in 1982 when he retired), Ron Schneider, Dana Daniels, Mike Norris and Kirk Wall.

Musicians and male castmembers who worked at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon wore tight fitted vests over stripped shirts with garters around their upper arms. Waitresses wore saloon girl petty-coats and skirts over form fitting bodices with lace trim and fish net stockings.

In a 1960's souvenir schedule, the listing for the Golden Horseshoe read.....

"No alcohol is served in this saloon, which is underwritten by Pepsi-Cola and features such as Dolores, a singing waitress who renders such songs as 'Alice Blue Gown'. An Irish tenor sings Irish tunes. Slue Foot Sue, the tough proprietress sings 'Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey". Pepsi-Cola is the most powerful beverage allowed at Disneyland."

Slue Foot Sue Proudly Presents.......

The First Show Overview:

Before the show begins, comedian/ singer, Jack Watson comes out and warms up the audience with jokes and old songs from the 1860's. A variety of slide show type advertisements shown on the backdrop as well as the lyrics to the songs. As the lights are dimmed, the orchestra begins playing the overture before the performers come out. Next comes the opening number which features the Golden Horseshoe Saloon Can-Can dancers saloon owner, Slue Foot Sue [originally played by Judy Marsh and later, Betty Taylor] and her four dance hall girls singing a welcome song entitled “Hello Everybody"  [written by Charles LeVere]. This song helped introduce Slue Foot Sue to the audience as she next sings a song where she ventures out into the audience to flirt with the male guests and sings a song like, “A Lady Has to Mind Her P’s and Q’s” [also written by Charles LeVere]. Slue Foot Sue would next sing "Bill Bailey" [one of Walt's favorite songs]. 

Next, Sue introduces the MC of the show,  an Irish tenor [originally played by Don Novis, then Fulton Burley and Jay Meyer.] At the finish of his song, he is joined by the lovely Golden Horseshoe dancers for the number, "Beautiful Dreamer."

At the finish of his song, they are joined by the show's comedian [originally played by Wally Boag and later, by Dick Hardwick and a score of talented subs], who enters from the backstage. [Later shows have him entering through the back doors] in his Traveling Salesman outfit complete with carpet bag full of gags and sight 

As he makes his way to the stage through the audience, he tells jokes and sings “What Have We Here”. He is encouraged to the stage by the MC, where he begins his comedy routine. In the case of Wally Boag, it was balloon animals, bagpipes and crazy dances. [The Pecos Bill act would be added to the show in the future including firing off six shooters or squirt guns at the audience.] The finale always included the famous Can-Can dancers in a 5 minute Can-Can dance done to Offenbach music.

After a rousing version of the song, “Pecos Bill” sang by Sue, the tenor and Pecos himself, and lots of horseplay, they are joined by the dancing girls who perform a rousing can-can number. After the dance, the entire cast assembles for a final brief song and bow.

In later shows, the Traveling Salesman would leave the stage at this point and Sue and the emcee would sing a song together. Suddenly Pecos Bill [a.k.a. the Traveling Salesman] enters the stage with his guns a-blazing and starts a dialogue that leads to the singing of his signature song, "Pecos Bill". [This song was made famous by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers]. It is during this song that the famous 'teeth spitting routine takes place. This would be followed by the Golden Horseshoe Can-can girls. Over the years other songs were added in place of others songs to keep the show fresh. These songs included "Danny Boy", The Girl on the Cover of the Police Gazette" and "Leprechaun Lullaby".

The Golden Horseshoe Revue ran from July 17, 1965 until October 12, 1986. Co-written by Wally Boag and Don Novis; music and songs by Charles LeVere and lyrics by Tom Adair and later arrangements by Buddy Baker, Walt's dream of a show that represented the Old West saloons and dance halls of the past came true.

The History of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon

The Golden Horseshoe Revue

From July 16, 1955 to October 12, 1986

Original Pepsi-Cola curtain backdrop

The Ending of an ERA.....

With just 4 weeks notice, the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Frontierland officially closed on Sunday, October 12, 1985 with Dick Hardwick (Pecos Bill), Betty Taylor (Slue Foot Sue) and Jay Meyer (Irish Tenor) as the main cast doing the final show. One of the dancers was Dick Hardwick's wife, Claudia who had been with the show since 1971. The Golden Horseshoe Revue lasted for 31 years with over 50,000+ performances  and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running stage show in history.

This is the final castmember picture of the Golden Horseshoe Revue taken on the last day.

Back row from left to right = Dale Olsen (trumpet), Dick Hardwick (comic), Betty Taylor (Sluefoot Sue), Fulton Burley (Irish Tenor), Chris Stevens (drums) and Vince Rossi (piano).

Front row from left to right = Lanna Schneider-Devore, Maxine Weidner, Claudia Dunn-Hardwick and Arlene Nelson-Dragon.

Is the Golden Horseshoe Revue available on Video or DVD?

Because I get asked this question all the time, I have provided the following information to this site. The entire Golden Horseshoe Revue has never been released on video to date Walt Disney Company.

  •  The Golden Horseshoe Revue was featured for its 10,000 performance in an episode of THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY on September 23, 1962. It was directed by Ron Miller. This episode was released on a video with the Walt Disney Treasures Series entitled DISNEYLAND - SECRETS, STORIES & MAGIC. It is currently available on Amazon.
  • There was a vinyl soundtrack album produced of the Golden Horseshoe Revue in 1959. It gives a complete musical representation of the entire show It was entitled THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE REVUE and is sometimes available from collectors on ebay. It usually runs between $50 and $125 to purchase.
  • A CD version of the soundtrack was released several years ago in conjunction with an Annual Passholder event of  a tribute of the Golden Horseshoe Revue. A Memorial CD was given out to each paying Passholder who reserved a seat for the limited edition show. The CD is an exact replica of the 1959 show, but sadly, the Tribute show was more a cross between the Revue and the Jamboree shows. These are sometimes available on ebay by their former owners.
  • There are several youtube videos available of some of the original Revue show. Go to www.youtube.com.
  • MP3 versions of the show or single songs from the show are available atwww.Amazon.com
  • Wally Boag can be seen on the Walt Disney Treasure DVD entitled MICKEY MOUSE CLUB during the first week of shows from October 3, 1955 through October 7, 1955. Wally is seen making Balloon animals and playing the bagpipes. This DVD set is available through Amazon.com.
  • ​Wally Boag can be seen on the Walt Disney Treasure DVD entitled MICKEY MOUSE CLUB #6. Wally is seen making Balloon animals for Annette Funicello and he dances with Annette. This DVD set is sometimes available through eBay.com.
  • Wally Boag, Donald Novis and Judy Marsh were taped for an episode of the original Mickey Mouse Club back in the mid 50's. This episode can be found on Mickey Mouse Club #7 of the re-released VHS tapes and can sometimes be found on eBay.com.
  • Wally Boag was featured on an episode of the original Muppets Show that originally aired on May 9, 1981. He recreated some of his most popular Golden Horseshoe routines on this show. Wally is featured on Epiosde # 4 and can sometimes be found on eBay.com or you tube.

Don Novis singing an Irish Song

Don with Judy Marsh

An original 1955 program featuring the original cast.

Fulton, Betty and Wally "horsing around".

Wally making a balloon animal for a young boy in the audience

The Police Gazette number became part of the program  in 1970.

Musical director and bandleader, Charles LaVere

A RESERVATION CARD to the 3:15 show

An original 'staged' cast picture, Circa late 1950's ~ An interesting group including singing waitresses, Chinese bartenders, cowboys, can-can girls and a band that enjoys a good game of cards. In the center of the photo are Fulton and Betty against the bar, Wally leaning into the poker game and the band playing poker at the table.

Golden Horseshoe Revue Memorabilia

Three photos from the Police Gazette number with Betty Taylor, Fulton Burley

and the Can-can girls.

Fulton and Betty doing a tune from the Police Gazette number

To the right, you see pictures of some of the men who have dared and succeeded in replacing Wally Boag in the role of the Traveling Sales and Pecos Bill. 

This was not an easy task, but each of these men pulled it off. The first picture is Disney's Pecos Bill, the character that Walt choice to use along with his girlfriend, Slue-foot Sue to represent the Old West. 

If there are any other castmembers who have played Pecos Bill at the Golden Horseshoe in the Revue Show who would like to be included in this list, please contact me @ janvincent_1313@yahoo.com.

Classic Wally Boag

Near the end of the show, Betty and a gorilla entertain Fulton and the Can-can girls.

Everyone's favorite trio
Fulton Burley, Betty Taylor and Wally Boag

Golden Horseshoe Wooden Nickels.

Many thanks to Dave Smith, Wally Boag, Craig Rubin, Gene Sands, 
Don Payne, Dick & Claudia Hardwick, Jim Adams, Dana Daniels, Kirk Wall, 
Judi Wallace-Carlson, Christopher De Santis, Glenda Guilfoyle, Dale Olsen, 
Bobby Davis, Will Sampson, Evan Marshall, Dennis Fetchet, Scott Wolf, 
Dave Mason, Jon Contretas, Mick Dowd, Judi Conroy, Laurence Boag, 
Toni Terry, Jerry Hamilton, Carol Novis, Paul Hagglund, Werner Weiss, 
Gil Christner, Scott Evans and James Fenno.

A Bit About Pecos Bill and Wally's Subs.....


Picture # 1 ~ PECOS BILL was a character first mentioned by Edward S. O'Reilly in 1917 in his stories of the Wild West for The Century Magazine. These stories were collected and reprinted in a Book in 1923 called The Saga of Pecos Bill. Originally told as true stories of the West, they were later exposed as fiction and soon became "folklore". The original stories of Pecos Bill tell of a young babe who while traveling by covered wagon with his family near the Pecos River, fell out of the wagon and was raised by coyotes. As he grew up, he had a snake named Shake as a whip and a horse called Widow-maker. He love interest was Slue-foot Sue, who rode across the Texas dessert on the back of a giant catfish. Walt Disney decided to make Pecos Bill and Slue-foot Sue a part of the final sequence his cartoon, Melody Time in 1948. The part of Pecos Bill was sung by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneer with Bob Nolan as the narrator.

Picture # 2 ~ WALLY BOAG was a successful performer, comedian, dancer and radio personality who was signed to MGM for a while and performed all over the world including a royal performance for the Queen of England. Wally was personally chosen by Walt Disney in 1955 to write and star in a Golden Horseshoe Revue Show using the character of Pecos Bill as part of the show. This idea came from the name that Walt had chosen for his new restaurant and show... Slue-foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Saloon and Revue. Wally performed this part for over 27 years and was an inspiration to hundreds, if not thousands of young performers who visited Disneyland.

This is a link to an interview with Wally Boag about his work at the Golden Horseshoe, courtesy of our friends at Mouse Clubhouse.

Picture # 3 ~ "JIMMY" ADAMS first went to Disneyland from his hometown of Tucson, Arizona in 1955 and decided that he wanted to be Wally Boag after seeing the show.  Jim began working at Disneyland in 1969 in the Character Dept as King Louie. He began subbing for Wally Boag in 1970. He started out as a pre-show warm-up to the Revue with a puppet called Claude Dog and the Mountain Man. 
Jim left Disney in 1982 to work with Don Payne and Wally Boag at another company. Today Jim works as a Christian speaker and the owner of Jim Adams Entertainment.

This is a link to an interview with Don Payne and Jim Adams about their years at the Golden Horseshoe, courtesy of our friends at Mouse Clubhouse.

Picture # 4 ~ DICK HARDWICK started at Disneyland on June 17, 1978 in a Golden Horseshoe night-time show called Class of '27 with Sonny Helmer on trombone, Harry Holton on banjo and sax, Westy Westenhoffer on tuba and John Reynolds on guitar. When the show closed, Dick began playing in a bluegrass band called Hand Picked during the day and doing the Yahoo Revue in the Golden Horseshoe at night from 1979 to 1981. He also played in the Thunder Mountain Breakdown Boys and the Main Street Maniacs. He first performed the Pecos Bill role in Florida at Walt Disney World temporarily for Bert Henry, who had suffered a heart attack. He took over as the official Pecos Bill role in Anaheim when Wally Boag retired and played that part from 1982 until the show's closing in 1986. He did the final show on October 12, 1986.

Here is a youtube video courtesy of Doug Mattocks featuring Dick Hardwick playing with the Main Street Maniacs around 1978.

Picture # 5 ~ DANA DANIELS started in the character Dept. and continually auditioned every year waiting for his chance to be a sub for Wally's part. He was hired as a juggler in Fantasyland as the Royal Jesters thus earning his American Guild of Variety Artists contract making him eligible to work in the Golden Horseshoe. He was hired as a sub for Dick Harwick, who replaced Wally when he retired in 1982. Dana claims that " ...the hardest part of the job was holding all those beans in my mouth and talking and singing at the same time.” During this time, Kodak was the corporate sponsor of The Golden Horseshoe Revue Show. Dana subbed for that show until 1986 and later, starred in his own show, The Golden Horseshoe Variety Show doing a magic act with his parrot, Luigi that ran for eight years from June 13, 1995 to October 8, 2003.

This is a link to an interview with Dana Daniels about his years with the Golden Horseshoe Revue, courtesy of our friends at Mouse Clubhouse.
To see more pictures of Dana from The Golden Horseshoe Revue days, go to his official web site atwww.danadaniels.com . 

Picture # 6 ~  KIRK WALL began performing in high school. The son of a two music teachers, music had an important place in Kirk's life. He learned to play the violin early and studied opera at Eastern New Mexico University. He was signed to play Jesus in the Rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. Moving to California, he did the play, Grease and several small roles on TV including General Hospital. His first Disney role was subbing for Dick Hardwick in 1983 until 1986 when his friend, Mike Norris left to do another show. Kirk has also starred in the Blast to the Past Parade in 1989, State Fair and the Pigmania Show in 1988 [with Dick Hardwick] as one of the Barley Brothers and as the lead in the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Show that played from 1992 to 2012 at the Golden Horseshoe and Big Thunder Jamboree 5 days a week.

This is an interview with Kirk Wall about his career as an entertainer, courtesy of our friends at Mouse Clubhouse. 
All About Kirk ~ courtesy of Ape Pen Publishing
Kirk Wall on the TV show, The Fall Guy ~ courtesy of Grace Wall.

Picture # 7 ~ DON PAYNE was raised in Kern, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. He started working at Disneyland in 1966 with the Fantasy on Parade during the Christmas season. He worked as a pageant helper and did several promotional tours nationally to announce Disney's latest film releases. During that time, he worked with several of the stars of the Golden Horseshoe Revue and later began subbing for Jim Adams, who was subbing for Wally Boag in the part. In 1982, he left Disney for another job opportunity and returned in 1985. He was later hired to sub as Sam the Bartender in the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree Show that replaced the Revue show in 1986 and ran until December 18, 1994.

Picture # 8 ~ RON SCHNEIDER was raised in Southern California with all things Disney having a heavy influence on his early life. He briefly attended Cal Arts in 1970-71. He developed the character of Henry VIII for the 1520 AD Medievil Restaurants. From 1973 to 1977, he worked at Universal Studios Tours.  He had worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain developing the character of the medicine show traveling salesman in Spillikin Corners and in the Africa USA area. As a child, he dreamed of playing Wally Boag's part in the Golden Horseshoe Revue and in December of 1979, he auditioned, but did not win the part. In April, 1980, he was called back by Disney and hired for the comedian role. He worked in the Golden Horseshoe Revue Show part time while also working at the C.L. Womphopper's Themed Western Restaurant at Universal Studios. (a character and show he developed). In 1981, Bev Bergeron called from Florida looking for actors to help with the Diamond Horseshoe Revue. Unfortunately, at the same time, Wally Boag retired from the Golden Horseshoe, along with his sub, Jim Adams and Jim's sub, Don Payne. In 1982, Ron decided to go to Florida at the same time that Imagineer, Tony Baxter was creating the Journey in Imagination attraction along with its stars, Dreamfinder and Figment. Ron auditioned and won the role of the face character, Dreamfinder which he performed until 1987. Ron currently lives in Florida after working many years at Universal Florida in the Character Dept.

The 10,000th Show Episode

When the show had reached its 10,000th performance, Walt decided to feature this event on NBC's "Wonderful World of Color" TV Show. The episode aired on Sunday, September 23, 1962. It was directed by Ron Miller (Walt's son-in-law). Because the episode added several special guests, some of the regular performers were not featured in the episode including Fulton Burley. The stage scenes were filmed at the studios in Burbank and footage of audience reactions were filmed at Disneyland in the Golden Horseshoe and added to the studio footage.

The regular castmembers, Betty Taylor and Wally Boag were augmented with performances by former Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello, baggy pants comedian, Gene Sheldon and former vaudevillian and actor, Ed Wynn. Only can-can dancer Rikki Lugo was used for the can-can girls scenes and she was asked to teach the routines to the new professional dancers. An expanded saloon brawl scene was added during the Pecos Bill number. The song "Mr. Piano Man'" was written especially for Annette by the Sherman Brothers

It was later released theatrically on video.

Wally Boag's Book​

Wally Boag:

Clown Prince of Disneyland

​is currently available at www.WallyBoag.net

"​A great read about Wally's life and his time working at Disneyland. Lots of fun pictures and great stories!"

Wally Boag's Boag-aloons Kits for making balloon animals. These kist sold in the Golden Horseshoe and included a set of various sized balloons and instructions on how to make the shapes.

A lovely bevy of Southern Belles in a song from the late 50's.

A Bit of Golden Horseshoe History...

1955 ~ Pepsi-Cola was the original sponsor of the Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland for over two decades from July 17, 1955 until September 30, 1982. That sponsor relationship was slightly damaged when rival Coca-Cola signed a major contract for co-sponsorship of the American Adventure at EPCOT in Florida. Eastman-Kodak took up the sponsorship from October 1, 1982 until April 30, 1984.

1963 ~ On Saturday, November 2, 1963, Wally Boag welcomed actress, Julie Andrews to the stage and they performed "By the Light of the Silvery Moon".  The Dapper Dans also appeared ( Gene Mumford, Jim Schamp, Ron Browne and Perry Carter).  The event was to help promote the release of "Mary Poppins".  Mary Poppins went to to earn 13 Oscars and a Best Actress Oscar for Julie Andrews. This was not the first time Wally and Julie had worked together. They had performed when Julie was a young girl and Wally was performing his stage act in London. Julie would be a member in the audience who would volunteer to sing and surprise everyone.

1960's ~ During the 1960's one of Walt's favorite charities was the John Tracy Clinic for the Hearing Impaired. The John Tracy Clinic's roots in Hollywood run deep. Both John and Louise Tracy were highly respected actors and Walt Disney was a clinic founder and directly involved for many years. Started by fellow polo player and actor Spencer in Tracy in honor of his deaf son, John, Walt would volunteer his entertainment staff from Disneyland to perform at the Annual Fundraising Bazaar. The cast of the Golden Horseshoe Revue did this many times. in order to be useful himself at the event, Walt would volunteer to bus tables.

1960's ~ Throughout the 1960's, The Dapper Dans (Fred Frank, John Borneman, Roger Axworthy and T.J. Marker) performed as singing waiters warming up the audience before the Revue Show would start.

1968 ~ The Golden Horseshoe Revue cast were asked to tour for the USO during the Vietnam War. Originally scheduled to perform in Vietnam, they were later sent to Iceland and Greenland.

1969 ~ President Richard Nixon asked the cast of the Golden Horseshoe Revue to perform at a White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington D.C.

1970's ~ During the 1970's, an evening Variety Show was featured in the Golden Horseshoe Saloon starring Sonny Helmer. Sonny's claim to fame was putting on a dress and playing the slide trombone in a virtuoso style with his feet while walking around the audience on his hands.

1971 ~ In July, 1971~ Jim Adams fulfilled his lifelong dream of working in the Golden Horseshoe Show. Jim remembers first seeing the show at the age of five and "decided then and there, that was what he wanted to do when he grew up. I want to be Wally Boag". When Bert Henry left to perform in the Diamond Horseshoe in Florida, Jim became Wally's regular sub for the next 11 years.

1971 ~ In September of 1971, Wally Boag was sent out Florida to help prepare the Diamond Horseshoe for their opening. He traveled with co-star, Bev Bergeron. During his time in Florida, Wally was replaced at Disneyland by Bert Henry from July through September.

1973 ~ Wally Boag returns permanently back to California and the Golden Horseshoe Saloon.

1979 ~ Dick Hardwick is trained in Florida, but Bev Bergeron before later being returned to the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland.

​1979 ~ Dick Hardwick understudied for Wally Boag while performing a nighttime show at the Golden Horseshoe called the Yahoo Revue, as well as playing with the Thunder Mountain Boys and Main Street Maniacs (with Doug Mattocks on banjo, John Jorgeson on mando and saxophone, Charlie Warren on bass and Dick on guitar and washboard). These two shows were originally tied into the opening of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on September 2, 1979.

1982 ~ Wally Boag officially retires from the Golden Horseshoe Revue and Disney Entertainment booker, Sonny Anderson asks Dick Hardwick to be Wally's replacement full time. Dick remembers... "Wally gave me his coat from the show and taught me how to throw the Colt 45 over my shoulder. He personally choreographed me as Pecos Bill." Dick had already been playing Wally's part in Florida and doing the Yahoo Revue in Florida as well. Unfortunately, Florida comic lead, Bert Henry had suffered a heart attack and Dick stayed for another 4 months to help out.

1983 ~ Dana Daniels, who started at Disneyland as a juggler and magician, played the comic lead from 1983 to 1986, as a sub for Dick Hardwick serving with Jay Meyer in the Irish tenor part. Dana claims... "

To learn more about the History of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon and the shows that played there,

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