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A Golden Horseshoe button based on the original poster artwork.

Pin # 38746:

Original Attraction 2005 Golden Horseshoe Revue Surprise Release

LE 750

Sold for $12.50
Released May 15, 2005

Pin # 2767:

Disneyland Sign Series - The Golden Horseshoe 
Sold for $6.00
Release unknown

An early pin/button that showed you had been to the Golden Horseshoe Revue sponsored by Pepsi~Cola

The signs that hung over inside doorways to prevent guests from wandering into backstage areas.

Pin # 70568

WDI Pin Chip and Dale Dining Pin #4

Golden Horseshoe

LE 300

Sold for $8.95

Released June 15, 2009

Pin # 40158

Golden Horseshoe Can-can Dancers

Part of 50th Anniversary Pinsfrom Disney Store/Online purchases ~ LE 1500

Sold for $34.95 (per set)

Released on July 17, 2005

Pin # 28923

Annual Dining Series
Golden Horseshoe Revue

Came with meal purchase

LE 10,000

Not for sale;
Released March 7, 2004

Pin # 525

1998 Attraction series
Golden Horseshoe Revue
Sold for $6.00
Released Summer, 1998

Pin # 39751:

Annual Passholder Series ~ 5 Decades of Dining
Not for sale; came with meal purchase

LE 10,000

Released on July 3, 2005

(to the left) A Good Luck Horseshoe sold at Disneyland in the early years. (exact year unknown)

Golden Horseshoe Pins, Buttons and Bobbles...

Frito-lay & Pepsi advertisement using the cast of the Revue

Picture includes Wally Boag, Betty Taylor, Fulton Burley and three of the can-can girls.

Copy to the left says, 

"Meet the Happiest Pair in Frontierland. As the hosts at Fritos Casa De Fritos and Pepsi~Cola's Golden Horseshoe Revue, the Frito Kid and Pecos Bill are "friendly" rivals

in Frontierland at Disneyland. But when the sun sets in the west and friends drop by for some old fashioned hospitality, you'll always find the happiest pair in Frontierland... or any old place. What's there to argue about - even for friendly rivals - when there's plenty of ice cold , sparkling Pepsi~Cola and delicious crispy Fritos Corn Chips. So if you want to make friends quickly, make sure there's plenty of Fritos and Pepsi~cola around your house. That way, whenever folks drop by, they'll never get the drop on you!" 

Early Menu Front Cover
[a modern version of the Gibson Girl]

Pepsi Menu Card ~ Based on these prices, I'm going to say late 1950's.

Menu Front

Back of Early Menu 
Copy says, "Howdy partners! Welcome to the Golden Horseshoe Revue presented by the friendly folks at Pepsi~ Cola. We've rounded up a star-studded cast for our little ole' musical extravaganza and they're fixin' to entertain you with some singin', dancin', and rip-roarin' antics. So sit back relax and get ready for the rootin-est, tootin-est, shortin-est show in the whole wide and wild world."

Golden Horseshoe Menus, Programs, Reservation Cards and Misc Paper Goods from 1955 to the 1970's:



Circa  1970's ~ Can-can girls ~ # 0100-11407
On the back side of the card, it says, " The Golden Horseshoe Revue ~ Four gorgeous can-can girls stir up some hottin' and hollerin' in the longest running stage show in show business history."

Year Unknown Betty and the Can-can girls #0111-0571-A
On the back side of this card, it says, "Golden Horseshoe Revue ~ A wild, way out west vaudeville show simulates life in the saloons of yesteryear... in Frontierland.

1973 in Frontierland 
[standing near the Aunt Jemima Restaurant] 

1973 ~  Betty, Wally and Fulton 

The Golden Horseshoe Revue sponsored by Pepsi~Cola. Where did all the split rail fences go?Photo by

1968 ~ Betty, Wally, Fulton and the Can-can girls # I-295
On the back side, this says, "Golden Horseshoe Revue ~ A grand finale from the liveliest troupe ever to perform in the Old West. Pepsi Cola's Golden Horseshoe Revue brings the floor show of Yesterday's saloons to life again in Frontierland."

Year unknown ~ Betty, Wally and Fulton with the dancers

1965 - Wally and Betty surrounded

by dancers

Mid 1960's Can-can dancers with left to right ~ Tina in green, Barbara Trembley in blue, Toni Terry in red and unidentified dancer in yellow.

# I-295 SC7341. 
On the back side of this card, it says, " Golden Horseshoe Show ~ A lively finale at the Golden Horseshoe Revue, one of Disneyland's many entertainments, is provided by the colorfully costumed Can-can girls."

1960's ~ Fulton, Betty, Wally

and the Can-can girls

1960 Can-can girls

Postcard back from the 1955 card # P13359 ~ The back side of card says, "One of the few can-can shows. The most scintillating shows at Disneyland at Pepsi Cola's Golden Horseshoe."

1955 with Judy Marsh and Don Novis  #P13359

Golden Horseshoe Postcards

1955 with Judy Marsh with Can-can dancers in an old fashioned number. #P14622
On the back side of card, it says, "Finale of the Golden Horseshoe Pepsi-Cola Review is the high spot of Frontierland colorful stage shows."













Golden Horseshoe Revue Collectibles

(July 16, 1955 to October 12, 1986)

Don't really know who miss Lillie Bell Lu is, but we have the lovely La Belle Sisters.

I guess the balcony is closed! 

A Disneyland Coloring book about the Golden Horseshoe
Color the Golden Horseshoe 
for you own enjoyment!

Sadly the doors are closed and not swinging and the date at the top of the building is incorrect. It should say 1871.

A different version of the reservation card. [It almost looks like it was used for a Corporate party type reservation] Does this look familiar to anyone?

Late 1950's Golden Horseshoe waitress, Judi Conroy remembers food service in the early days~

"We has about 20 minutes after the herds thundered in and sat down, to take their orders for sandwiches, chips, and Pepsi. We didn't write anything down, but took as many tables as we could remember. We had round trays that would hold over a dozen (somehow, I seem to remember 18) large Pepsi's in paper cups. They were so precarious to take back to the customers. Just one time, I dumped the whole thing down the front of me. Our uniforms were kind of gold with black and white striped skirts, and when you leaned over a good deal of bust was shown. We got fabulous tips and at that time, I think we were making $1.25 an hour. The bartenders were pretty cute. I loved going back to the break room when the can-can girls were between shows and their dresses were to die for. We always joked around with Wally Boag, Don Novis and Betty Taylor. Even though I saw the show over and over, I never tired of the routine."

Musicians and male cast members at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon wore tight vests over stripped shirts that have garter-ed sleeves.

The waitresses usually wore saloon girl petty coats and skirts with a form fitting bodices and lace trim. 

This reservation card was typical of how  most people show the Golden Horseshoe Revue.

A Pepsi reservation card 

Two different Golden Horseshoe Revue reservation cards.

When the Golden Horseshoe Revue started in 1955, it required a reservation. The building was closed in between shows, cleaned and a new audience was ushered in for their meal. This practice stopped around 2004 and now audience to the current show may come in at anytime to order food.

A cut out page for young guests that has you putting your fingers in the holes to help make the Can-can girls dance.

The reserved sign that was used to reserve tables for special guests and V.I.P.s

Pin # 76462

Dateline Disneyland 1955 Year Series ~

The Golden Horseshoe

LE 755
Sold for $15.95
Released July 10, 2010

Pin # 70568

Chip and Dale Dining Pin #4

Golden Horseshoe LE 300

Sold for $8.95

Released on June 15, 2009

(above) Slightly different version of the Pepsi~Cola pin

Pin # 76078

55th Anniversary

Cast Pin of the Month
Retro Golden Horseshoe Revue
Sold for $8.55
Released September 1, 2010

A plastic Golden Horseshoe used to serve delicious Pepsi product. The boots given to Annual Passholder during the 2013 Revival Tribute to the Golden Horseshoe Saloon were clear plastic and filled with corn chips instead of Pepsi~Cola.

The original Revue sign that hung out front above the swinging doors of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon.

The swinging doors were removed in the early 2000's due to accidents of people hitting each other going in or out.

 (to the right) Recent Golden Horseshoe tribute poster [sold as collectable art in the park]

A Boag-alloon kit sold in the park for teaching people how to make balloon animals ~ Wally Boag style.  A fun item to own, it included balloons and instructions.
[I still can't get balloons to blow up enough 
to turn them into animals.]

Pepsi advertisement poster

Original 1955 Revue Program

The advertising posters on the front of the building
A version of these posters still appears to this day on the west side of the Golden Horseshoe Building.

One of the pre-show slide

Concept Art Postcard- year unknown

Middle of Early Menu

Whats' best about this menu is the prices!

A .50 cent large Pepsi, $2.95 for a tasty sandwich and .35 cents for chips and .45 cents for a yummy brownie.

Based on the prices, I'm going to say mid 1960's.