Side Two

"Beautiful Dreamer"
[Stephen Foster] ~ Sung by Donald Novis

"Wally Boag's Fun and Hi Jinks"
Performed by Wally Boag

"Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming"
[Stephen Foster] ~ The Mellomen Barbershop Quartet

Finale: "Pecos Bill"
[Daniel-Lange] ~ The Entire Cast

Side One
Overture: "Hello Everybody"
[LaVere-Adair] ~ Instrumental
Intro: "There'll Be A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"
Sung by the Entire Cast
"A Lady Has To Mind Her P's and Q's"
[LaVere-Adair] ~ Sung By Betty Taylor

"Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home"
[Cannon] ~ Sung by Betty Taylor
"Fidgety Feet"
[LaRocca-Shields] ~ Sung by The Strawhatters

"Dear Old Donegal"
[Graham] ~ Sung by Donald Novis

"Leprechaun's Lullaby"
[Hulbert-Serling] ~ Sung by Donald Novis

The Mellomen's Thurl Ravenscroft-as a bust in New Orleans Square's Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. He is also Fritz, the parrot and Tangaroa the Tiki God in The Enchanted Tiki Room,  Buff the Buffalo in the [now-departed] Country Bear Jamboree, and the concertina playing pirate and the howling dog on the Pirates of the Caribbean and the voice of the Disneyland Railroad.

Is the Golden Horseshoe Revue available on video or DVD?

Because I get asked this question all the time, I have provided the following information for visitors to this site. The actual entire Golden Horseshoe Revue has never been released on video to date by the Disney Company. The following options are available though.
The Golden Horseshoe Revue was featured for its 10,000th show in an episode of "The Wonderful World of Disney" on September 23, 1962. It was directed by Ron Miller. This video was released on the Walt Disney Treasures Series entitled DISNEYLAND - SECRETS, STORIES & MAGIC. This is currently available through most video store and Disney outlets.

There is a soundtrack album released in 1957 that gives you a complete musical representation of the entire show. It is called The Golden Horseshoe Revue and is still sometimes available on It tends to be rather pricey though. Usually between $75. and $125.

A few years ago, Disney released a CD version of this original album that could be purchased at the park. This is no longer sold at Disneyland.  It ran for about $25.00 a CD. Check for used copies.

Wally Boag can be seen on the Walt Disney Treasury DVD entitled "The Mickey Mouse Club". These DVD's feature the first week of shows from October 3, 1955 through October 7, 1955. Wally is seen on this DVD with his "Boag-aloons" balloon creations and also, playing the bagpipes.

Wally Boag is featured on the VHS released episodes from a few years ago on Mickey Mouse Club Vol. #6 making balloon animals for Annette Funicello. Later, in the episode he and Annette dance together. This can usually be found on or at sometimes at

Wally Boag, along with co-stars, Donald Novis and Judy Marsh were taped for an episode of the original Mickey Mouse Club back in the mid 50's. It opens with Don and Judy singing a couple of numbers and features Wally dancing in a nightclub setting. This episode can be found on Mickey Mouse Club Vol. #7 of the re-released Mickey Mouse Club VHS tapes and can usually be found on or at sometimes at

Wally was also featured on an episode of The Muppet Show that originally showed on May 9, 1981. He recreated a few of his famous Golden Horseshoe routines on this show as well. Wally is featured on Tape number 4 and sometimes you can find this on as well.

*Note: Wally was also featured on an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club doing his Pecos Bill with Darlene Gillespie and on another episode Wally is featured descending in a hot air balloon. Neither of these episodes has been released on DVD to date that I know of.

From the opening number, "Hello Everybody" featuring the entire cast, the show is received with favorable comments from the host of critics who pack the Golden Horseshoe for each performance.

Miss Taylor as "Slue Foot Sue" wows the audience with her renditions of "Bill Bailey", "A Lady Has To Mind Her P's and Q's", and "Pecos Bill", a number in which she is joined by Novis and Boag.

Novis, a former radio singer and night club entertainer, sides up and down the musical scale with his performance of Irish songs such as " Dear Old Donegal".

With the "Golden Horseshoe Girls" as a background, he also scores a hit with his version of Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer."

But it's left to Boag, the travelin' salesman who "just got off the stage from Chicago", to provide the rip-roarin', nimble footed comedy for kids from four to seventy-four.

Wally, who does balloon tricks for the kids, "shoots" the audience unexpectedly (with water pistols) and plays Pecos Bill (the toughest critter west of the Alamo), is of the comedian set whom it might be said: "you never know what's about to happen next."

An old West "saloon" just wouldn't be complete without those Can Can Dancers - and the Golden Horseshoe, is no exception to the rule. Lively numbers (dance, that is) feature the Golden Horseshoe Girls, Glenda Guilfoyle, Susan Reed and Shirley Doak.

Music for the show is provided by the "professor" Charles LaVere and his group, whose repertoire backgrounds the entire program. The trio includes Mel Patterson on the drums, and George Seaburg on the trumpet.

The Golden Horseshoe program, a 40 minute interlude in a wonderland which offers hours and hours of entertainment value, also includes community singing with Jack Watson at the piano during the times between performances of Slue Foot Sue's floor show.

To learn more about the History of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon and the shows that played there, try these other Jan's World pages:

Slue Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Review Album began selling at Disneyland and record venues in 1957. This album was produced by the Disneyland Records. It is listed as Catalog # WDL-3013 "Slue Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Revue".  It featured Betty Taylor, Donald Novis, The Mellowmen, The Strawhatters and Wally Boag.  It was released again in 1959 with the Catalog # 1013.

Betty Taylor was known as Slue Foot Sue, Star of the Golden Horseshoe Revue and Donald Novis played the handsome Irish Tenor and co host of the Revue. These two parts were used as comedy foils for Wally Boag, who played both a traveling salesman and Pecos Bill with comedic genius.

The Mellomen Barbershop Quartet were a Disney staple around the studio, but rarely worked in the park on a regular basis, although their voices and influence can be found throughout the park still today. The group at the time of this recording consisted of Thurl Ravenscroft [bass], Bob Stevens [Lead Tenor], Bill Lee [baritone], and Max Smith [2nd tenor].

 The Strawhatters were a New Orleans/Dixieland style Jazz group who performed reguarly around Disneyland.

The History of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon

The Golden Horseshoe Revue Album

Released in 1957