In 2000, I met and became friends with Dennis Fetchet of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. He had mentioned his other band, The Grateful Dudes needing a website. At the time, my husband, David was learning to build a website for his team at work. He built a website for the Grateful Dudes and then showed me how to update due to his busy work schedule. With my new skills, I decide to create a web page for myself called Jan's World and added pages for Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. I decided to join the DBC or Da BIlly Club, a group of fans who met weekly to see the Hillbilly show at the Golden Horseshoe. Eventually, the band split into teams and I became the official page for the Blue team called The Billys when performing outside the park. I've been doing this ever since. 2000 also signaled the start of Pin Trading at Disneyland and Sarah's career as a pin collector.

2001 saw the opening of the Grand Californian Hotel and the Downtown Disney resort area. Disney California Adventure opened on February 8, 2001. In the summer of 2001, my daughter discovered THE FAB FOUR, a Beatle tribute band who played at Tomorrowland Terrace almost the entire summer. Also, the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is added to the Haunted Mansion.

2002 saw the local baseball team, the Angels win the World Series and celebrate with a victory parade down Main Street USA in October. Sarah discovered swing dancing at Carnation Plaza. Some of the better dancers were gracious and taught her and a friend to dance. My little girl was growing up.

2003 celebrated Mickey Mouse's 75th birthday, a daily Parade of the Princess' and the opening of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [which replaced the beloved Country Bear Jamboree]. Matt Quimet becomes the new President of the Disneyland Resort and brings about some much needed changes starting with repainting and fixing structural issues around the park. Sarah still watched the Fab Four and went to swing dancing in 2003, but she discovered her new love, a ska band playing at Downtown Disney called Suburban Legends. I spent a lot of time running Sarah and her friends to Disneyland for the next few years.

2004 saw the 500 millionth guest wander into the park and the opening of the newly remodeled and improved Space Mountain. Fantasyland Theater [the old Videopolis Stage] hosts the new musical, An Enchanted Musical. On the odd side, Disnetland decides as a promo to set up a 21 foot wide olympic sized swimming pool.

2005 brought the biggest anniversary celebration to date with the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. The theme is the Happiest Homecoming on Earth. New parades, remodeled attractions and special events on July 17th. Buzz Lightyear opens in Tomorrowland. Disneyland is re-dedicated on July 17th. Reindeer are brought in to the Big Thunder Ranch for Christmas. Everyone through the gates on that day received a pair of golden Mickey Mouse ears to wear and wear them we did. There were giant screens everywhere playing old videos of opening day in 1955. My favorite memory of that day was sitting on the ground in front of the castle with about 200 other guests [all around my age] wearing our ears and singing along with the Mickey Mouse Club song while we watched Uncle Walt. The 15 month long event turns out to be so successful that it runs for 18 months.

2000 through 2003 moved pretty slowly as far as Disneyland was concerned. Lots of attractions closed and many were still under construction over at the new park, Disney California Adventure.

January, 2000 ~ The Vincent Family returns to Southern California. One of the first things we did after we got set up in an apartment was to renew our annual passes. It was no big surprise to see that the Rocket Rods had closed. The Autopia had been renovated. Other than that, it all seemed familiar.

This is my Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card which was an upgrade from the original card stock version passed out by employers since the late 50's.

Eventually this card was done away with a replaced by an offer to join The Disney Club which included monthly magazines and discount offers on merchandise.

​​1986 to 1993 ~ This period of time was what I like to call the GOLDEN AGEof Disneyland. So many great parades and events.

It all started in 1986 with Circus Fantasy and the Circus Fantasy Parade with the live circus animals [including elephants], acrobatic acts and even a man shot out of a canon in the hub. Next came the very 80's Totally Minnie Parade and its catchy theme song. Following the wonderful Christmas parade, 1987 opened with State Fair. A giant Ferris Wheel in front of the train station, food booths everywhere with all kinds of fair friendly foods and a really entertaining parade. For the sporty, there was PIGMANIA back behind Big Thunder Mountain [and my first introduction to future Billy Hill and the Hillbillies castmembers]. I always wanted to sit in the "HOG GO!" section to cheer on "Piggy Sue". In 1988, our daughter arrived in April although that didn't stop me from going to the park before that for Mickey's 60th Birthday Parade and the wildly popular BLAST TO THE PAST parade and events. The baby would sleep in her stroller while motor scooters horned loudly and Elvis impersonators sang loudly and it never bothered her at all. 

1989 brought more Blast to the Past, State Fair and the impressive ONE MAN"S DREAM at the Videopolis Stage. This was the year I discovered Billy Hill and the Hillbillies playing in the all new Critter Country for the opening of Splash Mountain. Although the new attraction was suppose to open in February, it was delayed until June. Sarah and I would watch its progress from the upper deck of the passing Mark Twain.

1990 brought us the 35th anniversary of Disneyland with a new parade, prize give-aways, a second parade entitled PARTY GRAS and the new Dick Tracy's Diamond Double Cross Show at Videopolis. [including the night that Dick Tracy accidently danced himself right off the front of the stage, but immediately got back up and on stage]. This was also the year that Michael Eisner declared the 90's the DISNEY DECADE and announced the building of WESTCOT [which never really happened, but morphed into California Adventure a decade later].

1991 was a great year for our now 3 year old daughter, who loved Disney Afternoon Cartoons with Duck Tales, Tail Spin and Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Disneyland turned the Small World Mall into Disney Afternoon Avenue complete with Baloo's Dressing Room, the Motor Boats to Gummi Glen, the Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers Raceway and the new stage show at Videopolis, Plane Crazy. How Sarah loved driving the Motor Boats! A new parade was also introduced on Main Street called Celebration USA and the year closed out with my favorite show of all time, Mickey's Nutcracker at Videopolis.

1992 saw more great parades including the World According to Goofy Parade and great shows like Beauty and the Beast at Videopolis. This was also the opening of a new type of entertainment at Disneyland... a water, fire, laser show called FANTASMIC. I have very fond memories of standing along the river one February night with David and Sarah watching the techs run the water screens over and over to get them right. It was cold that night and very windy, so everyone was wet until they got the water curtains adjusted.

1993 marked Sarah's 1st annual pass. She was now 3 years old. I remember how proudly she insisted on handing her pass to the castmember at the maingate herself. This year also marked the opening of Mickey's Toontown and many of Sarah's favorite childhood attractions, such as MIckey's House, Gadget's Go-Coaster, Goofy's Funhouse and the Chip and Dale Ball pit which contained plastic acorns. Over in the rest of the park, we saw Aladdin's Royal Caravan Parade, Mickey's 65th Birthday Parade and eating at the new Aladdin's Oasis Dinner [which included a fun story and show].

Although we had moved now moved to Indiana, our family still continued to get annual passes when we could as they were cheaper than coming once a year and buying individual day passes. We had also enlarged our Disney territory by discovering that Walt Disney World was within driving distance from Fort Wayne. Now we had two coasts to visit!

1994 marked the year that Billy Hill and the Hillbillies started performing in the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. This is important to me because this eventually lead to my career as their webmistress and social media guru to their official webpages and facebook pages... something I enjoying doing immensely!!! The Golden Horseshoe Variety Show with Dana Daniels also started the same year and sadly, the SKYWAY was removed.

1995 saw the 40th anniversary of Disneyland, as well as the opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The walkways in Adventureland would never be the same. Videopolis also gave us a new show in the form of the Spirit of Pocahontas Show.

1996 saw the introduction of the Hunchback of Notre Dame's Festival of Fools in a new arena built at Big Thunder Ranch especially for this show. Over in Tomorrowland, we were given an odd treat in the form of Toy Story Fun House. [which didn't really seem to fit its location's theme.] On a sad note, the Main Street Electrical Parade was finally retired from its Main Street home and sent off to Florida.

1997 introduced a new nighttime parade, Light & Magic Parade, that I so disliked that we only saw it three times and that was two times too many. We were rewarded with the fun Hercules Victory Parade, but lost Circle-vision 360 that year.

1998 was the end of an era. Disneyland was about to become a two park resort and one of the first things to go was the Disneyland parking lot. A new parking structure was built north of the Disneyland Hotel, the monorail was slightly moved and construction became a part of the AP life. We got a new Tomorrowland with a new gritty look and two new attractions; Innoventions and Rocket Rods [ugh!]. We were introduced to a very clever Mulan Parade with live acrobats and Animazement: The Musical Started at Videopolis.

1999 find Billy Hill and the Hillbillies "booted" out of the Golden Horseshoe in favor of Woody's Round-up, a cute show..... for kids, but lacking something for adults. FAST PASSES were introduced as a way to keep lines shorter. [still not sure if that really works]. Construction began in earnest on the new Disney's California Adventure and the 45th anniversary of Disneyland is celebrated with a new parade... 45 Years of Magic.

1993 Annual Passports

Sarah's 1st year as an AP

1992 Annual Passports

1991 Annual Passports

1990 Annual Passports

1990 thru 1993 were happy years of exploring Disneyland as new parents. Disneyland was a little harder to visit as Dave Became a youth Pastor during this time, as well as his full time job as a Senior Scientist at a leading Southern California Aerospace company, but we managed!

Two year old, Sarah in Town Square.

Daddy and Sarah at Pigmania Show at Big Thunder Ranch.

In the summer of 1987, we discovered that we were pregnant. Three times a week, I would drive to Disneyland in the early mornings and speed walk through the park. It was much easier to do back then. Less crowds.

In April, our precious baby, Sarah arrived and her first visit to the park was at 6 weeks old. In 1989, our son, Chris came to live with us while going to school and working at a local pre-school.

David and I spent most of our first year as Annual Passholders as a happily dating couple at the park on week-ends. We were married in December of 1986 and spent the first night of our married life at the Disneyland Hotel and park. Because we had no place to change after the reception, we arrived at the Disneyland Hotel in a tuxedo and Laura Ashley wedding dress. They immediately upgraded us to a corner suite overlooking the Dancing Waters Show.  Our hotel bill was a staggering $132, which included a steak dinner for two via room service and complimentary wine.As Annual Passholders, it was easy to drift into and out of the park at our leisure the entire week-end.

My journey as an Annual Passholder began in January of 1986, when my future husband decided to take my son and I to Disneyland. We were still in the "trying to  impress" stage of our relationship and he decided that since we had already purchased 3 one day tickets, we might as well pay a bit more and get Annual Passes. He knew this would win me over. It did! The Annual Passholder program was fairly new and at the time was only offered to members of the Magic Kingdom Club.

Sadly, I didn't save the early copies of the first annual passes we had, so the photo journey will have to start with 1989.

Fall, 1974

Our first family trip to Disneyland with my son, Chris

My journey of collecting Disneyana started in 1966 when my parents gave me a Mickey Mouse watch for my 8th grade graduation.​​

This 1960's Bradley Snap On Watch came with three different colored bands, but my favorite was white. I wore this all through high school and it started my fascination with all things Mickey and Disneyland.

June, 1971

Grad Nite with my boyfriend (and future ex-husband)

Summer, 1969

My father, Gene was NOT a huge Disneyland fan.

He always hated crowds and walking on his day off.

Summer, 1969

(from l to r) My Mom's back; my sister, Cindy's elbow; me (in my trendy mocassins); my youngest sister, Diane (getting her hand kissed); a British guard (?); my cousin, Debi; My sister Theresa; and my cousin, Judy.

Summer, 1956

Summer, 1959

My Mom, baby sister, Cindy and brother Dale in back on King Arthur's Carrousel at Disneyland.

Summer, 1956

My Mom, an Indian chief and I

at Disneyland.

Over the years, there were other trips to Disneyland. My parents weren't rich, so going to Disneyland always involved saving up for the occasion or waiting for out of state family to visit. Still we had Sunday night TV with Uncle Walt and there were always drive-in movies on a monthly basis that involved our favorite Disney animated films. My favorite was always Peter Pan because it came out the year I was born.

My favorite tripto Disneyland happened in 1969 when my aunt and and uncle and their 6 children visited from Illinois and we all went to Disneyland together.

My journey as a Disney person began in 1956 when at the age of three, my parents moved me and my baby brother to sunny California from Illinois.

One of the first things we did was go to Disneyland when my grandparents came out to visit us from Illinois in August of 1956. I honestly don't remember very much about that trip, except for the Indians, who put a native head dress on my Mom, and my little brother dancing with the other Indians in a giant yellow circle. The little blonde below with the Indian is me with my Mom. I was very shy!

My 30 Year Journey as a

Disneyland Annual Passholder

This is a 1995 Annual Pass.

[I removed the photo and number]

[no, this is NOT my credit card, although my credit card says charter member on it because I signed up the first year it was introduced.

When the Disney Club discontinued, it was suggested I get a Chase Disney Visa card that offered similar discounts or join the Disney Collectors Club [which I did for one year.]

My original Magic Kingdom Club card from my days at Lou Miller's, Inc. [yes Lou Miller was one half of the famous Miller Brothers who owned Miller's Outposts]. This card entitled me to purchase discounted tickets.

During these years, I became a Disneyland Grandma [the most popular of all grandmothers]. My son and daughter-in-law blessed me with three beautiful grandsons, Garrison [2002], Gage [2003] and Gavin [2004]

In June 24, 2006, Disneyland hosted the World Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with Johnny Depp and many of the stars in attendance. Two days later, Pirates of the Caribbean [the attraction] reopened with Captain Jack Sparrow added to the attraction. In October, the Year of a Million Dreams promotion starts. Two of my dreams were fulfilled when I was allowed to ride in the private Lilly Bell car on the Disneyland Railroad line and I was picked to captain the Mark Twain down the Rivers of America.

In 2007, Tom Sawyer's Island became the Pirates Lair and favorite hiding place of Captain Jack Sparrow [who actually showed up there daily.] Also opening that summer [after a very long closure] was the Finding Nemo Submarines.

In 2008, Imagineers brought back the Sleeping Beauty Walk-thru in the castle and on December 31st, the Year of a Million Dreams ended after 27 months.

2009 was a slow year for both Disneyland and myself, as a full time employed Administrator at a local church, I was finding it hard to get to the park very often. Sarah was working too. Apparently the only thing we missed was the re=opening of Small World and the 29 new additional dolls.

2010 found Disneyland re-opening Captain Eo with the now late Michael Jackson. They also started the "Give a Day; Get a Day" program where if you volunteered with a local approved charity, they would give you a one day park hopper ticket to Disneyland. The response was so overwhelming that I million volunteers had been reached by March 9th and the program was closed.

2011 was a tough year all around. I was working a full time job and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed to work to pay for the chemo co-pays. I found myself not going to the park as much, because of all the germs I couldn't deal with while doing chemo. Eventually, I was declared cancer free, but was tired all the time. The few times i did go to the park were always stress-free. [I didn't go on busy days]. In late 2011, I decided to get a Premier two coast annual pass, as I would be going to Florida with a friend. Although I was only able to use it the one time, it did save me money while I was there. At the park, 2011 saw the re-opened and re-vamped Star Tours, and the finishing of the Cathay Circle over at Disney's California Adventure.

In 2012, I decided to move to Denver, Colorado to be near my son and his family, but I still had to fly back to California every month for oncology appointments, medications and the last of my chemo. I decided to keep renewing my annual pass, because it was nice to visit the park every month. Some trips, it was the only thing that got me through everything. On September21st, the Space Shuttle Endeavor did a fly=over Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure re-opens after it is re-themed to be the Hollywood of the 1920's when Walt first arrived by train seeking his fortune. Disneyland hosts a 24 hour long Leap Year Day on February 29. Crowds were insane!

2013, I still came to California to visit and for medication. I was stronger now. My hair had grown back and being at the park made me feel like I had come home. In November, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show was retired from Disneyland after 20+ years and they moved their show to Knott's Berry Farm. I decided to have Annual Passes to both parks. 2013 Saw the opening of Fantasy Faire area near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, much to the dismay of the swing dancers who had been re-assigned to dance in Downtown Disney.

In 2014, I decided to move back to California when I learned that my son and his family would be moving to Ireland. I settled in Anaheim at a senior mobile home park, because the rent was the cheapest around and the park was very quiet and near Disneyland. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies changed their name to Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies when they started working at Knott's in January. After many decades, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is finally returned to Disney and starts appearing at Disney California Adventure as a park spokesrabbit.

2015 is the 60th anniversary of the park. It's Diamond Anniversary. It features a new fireworks show called Disneyland Forever that combines fireworks, lasers and moving projections on Main Street, the Rivers of America and Small World. Also, a new parade called Paint the Night is created with lighting technology that takes the Electrical parade into the next century.

2003 ~ My 50th birthday

Sarah in 1994 lifting the sword from the stone to become the true princess of Disneyland!

2005 was also the year that we lost David to a heart attack. The man who had made it all possible.... who first bought us our passes ... and paid for them every year.... who taught me to build and maintain websites... who was our best Walt Disney World and Disneyland buddy. He had already made plans for the three of us to go to Walt Disney World so that Fall, Sarah and I went in his honor, but it wasn't nearly as fun. He is fondly remembered at WDW with an etching on the monoliths at EPCOT.