NEWS ITEM - 1956

DISNEYLAND RECORDS is founded by Roy O. Disney and Jimmy Johnson. Many of the records recorded will be entertainers from the Disneyland Park. This was the company's first record label. Prior to this time, they were released by other recording companies such as Decca, RCA and Capitol Records. It was this label that discovered the Sherman Brothers while looking for material for Annette Funicello.

CLOSED - Monday, January 02, 1956

GRANDMA’S BABY SHOP is closed. Little is remembered about this location as it didn’t last but 6 months. The Silhouette Shoppe moved into this location.

CLOSED - Sunday, January 08, 1956

The MICKEY MOUSE CLUB CIRCUS closes, but the tent remains and is used at Holiday-land. The location of the circus is later used for the Junior Autopia.

CLOSED - Sunday, January 15, 1956

PHANTOM BOATS closes. It becomes the first attraction to close at Disneyland, because they proved unreliable and were removed, but are brought back when another suitable boat is not available.

NEWS ITEM - Thursday, January 19, 1956
The SILHOUETTE STUDIO is relocated and re-opened on Main Street USA.  This shop was relocated to the empty Grandma's Baby Shoppe in 1956. This shop is still open. Guests can have a silhouette portrait of themselves cut by hand by skilled artisans.

NEWS ITEM - 1956
The BANDSTAND is moved to Adventureland and replaced with a larger stage and dance area named Plaza Gardens. The bandstand is moved to Magnolia Park near Adventureland [the future location of the expanded Jungle Cruise].

NOW OPEN- Saturday, January 21, 1956
The AMERICAN DAIRY ASSOCIATION EXHIBIT opens in Tomorrowland. This exhibit sponsored by the American Dairy Association featured the future of the dairy industry. It was located in the same area of the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea exhibit.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, January 21, 1956
The DAIRY BAR is opened in Tomorrowland. A barn shaped quick service location with foods sponsored by the American Dairy Association.

NEWS ITEM - Wednesday, February 1, 1956
The Stage Coach is closed, renovated, renamed and re-opened as RAINBOW MOUNTAIN STAGE COACHES in Frontierland.

NEWS ITEM - Wednesday, February 1, 1956
Mule Pack is renamed to RAINBOW RIDGE PACK MULES.

NOW OPEN - Sunday, February 19, 1956
KELLER’S JUNGLE KILLERS opens in the Mickey Mouse Circus Tent area in Holiday-land.

ON THE AIR - Wednesday, February 29, 1956
DISNEYLAND: A TRIP THROUGH ADVENTURELAND/ WATER BIRDS, a made for television show filmed at Disneyland is shown on TV. It features scenes from Adventureland.

ON THE AIR - 1956
“WALT DISNEY TAKES YOU TO DISNEYLAND” ALBUM is recorded and released on Disneyland Records. Tracks include: “Main Street U.S.A.”, “Adventureland”, “Frontierland”, “Tomorrowland” and “Fantasyland”.  

NOW OPEN - 1956
The BONE CARVING SHOP opens in Frontierland featuring bone jewelry and carved items. It was located inside the Davy Crockett Arcade area.

NOW OPEN - March, 1956
OUR FUTURE IN COLOR EXHIBIT opens in Tomorrowland and is sponsored by Dutch Boy Paints.

NOW OPEN - March, 1956
The AVENUE OF THE FLAGS opens in Tomorrowland.

CLOSED - March, 1956
The COURT OF HONOR featuring 48 state flags in a star closes in Tomorrowland.

NOW OPEN - Friday, March 23, 1956                                                                                    

JIMMY STAR’S SHOW BUSINESS SOUVENIRS  opens on Main Street USA selling show business merchandise. As a friend of Walt's, Jimmy loans black & white classic 8mm films to be shown at the Cinema on Main Street USA.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, March 24, 1956
The ASTRO-JETS open in Tomorrowland. These rotating rocket jets allow the guest to control the height with a control stick. They are also later known as Tomorrowland Jets or Rocket Jets. 

NOW OPEN - Thursday, April 5, 1956
The CRANE COMPANY BATHROOM OF TOMORROW opens in Tomorrowland. Presented by the Crane Company, this display showed the future of bathroom design. This exhibit also included the Fun With Water exhibit for children. 

NOW OPEN - Easter, 1956
The ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE PARADE runs down Main Street USA featuring old antique automobiles from all over Southern California and the southwest. 

NOW OPEN - Saturday, May 12, 1956
The RED HORSELESS CARRIAGES BY DMC is opened in Main Street USA. A Main Street vehicle for transporting guests from Town Square to the "hub" in front of the Castle, this attraction It is sponsored by DMC. It was also known as Horseless Carriages.

ON THE AIR - Sunday, May 30, 1956
DISNEYLAND” Season 2, Episode 26 ~ “BEHIND THE SCENES WITH FESS PARKER” airs. This episode goes behind the scenes of the filming of the movie “The Great Locomotive Chase”.

NOW OPEN - Summer, 1956
The OMNIBUS DOUBLE DECKER BUS opens with motorized vehicles providing trips down Main Street USA.

NEWS ITEM - Summer, 1956
The CASA DE FRITOS RESTAURANT outgrows its location and is moved to the Marshall’s office in Frontierland. Its old location becomes the new home for Don Defore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 16, 1956
STORYBOOK LAND CANAL BOATS opens in Fantasyland. These open passenger boats take guests through miniature villages from famous Disney stories. This attraction is still open.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 16, 1956
The RAFTS TO TOM SAWYER ISLAND open on the Rivers of America. These rafts provide transportation to Tom Sawyer Island. They are themed after Mark Twain's book, Tom Sawyer. This attraction is still open.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 16, 1956
TOM SAWYER ISLAND opens. This island playground located in the Rivers of America that features bridges, caves trails and a fort for guests to roam.  This attraction is still open.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 16, 1956
The WILDERNESS OUTPOST opens. This is a souvenir/snack stand located in Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer Island.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 16, 1956
3D JAMBOREE opens in Fantasyland. This show is presented at the Mickey Mouse Theater in Fantasyland. It was a #D movie filmed by the Mickey Mouse Club showing Disney shorts "Melody" and "Working for Peanuts".

NOW OPEN - Saturday, June 23, 1956
The SKYWAY opens in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Guests were transported through the sky and the interior of the Matterhorn Mountain to the Skyway station in Fantasyland. The station was designed to look like a Swiss Chalet.

NOW OPEN - Tuesday, June 26, 1956
The RAINBOW MOUNTAIN STAGE COACHES open in Frontierland. Live horse driven stagecoaches travel the trails of Frontierland.

NOW OPEN - Tuesday, June 26, 1956
The RAINBOW RIDGE PACK MULES open. Guests Ride live pack mules through Nature's Wonderland. It was originally called Mule Pack through Nature's Wonderlands. 

NOW OPEN - Monday, July 2, 1956
The RAINBOW CAVERN MINE TRAIN opens in Frontierland. Guests are carried in mine trains through the western wilderness. It later became the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. 

NOW OPEN - Wednesday, July 4, 1956
The INDIAN WAR CANOES open. Guests guide a canoe through the Rivers of America. It was renamed to Davy Crockett Explorer canoes, when it moved from Frontierland to Bear Country.

NOW OPEN - Saturday, July 21, 1956
The ALPINE GARDENS open. This garden area with surrounding ponds and foliage is located to the left of the entrance of Tomorrowland.  It is located in the area once occupied by the House of the Future. 

NOW OPEN - Monday, July 23, 1956
The JUNIOR AUTOPIA opens. Young children now get a chance to drive Autopia cars in this scaled down version of the popular Tomorrowland attraction. The gas pedal was made easier for small children to drive the cars.

NOW OPEN - Monday, July 30, 1956
The MINERAL HALL opens in Frontierland. This exhibit shows minerals and gemstones.  It also featured a shop with these same items for sale.

NEWS ITEM - August, 1956
General Admission only:               Adults = $1.00,   Juniors =.75¢,     Children = .50¢
General Admission & 8 tickets:   Adults = $3.00,   Juniors = $2.50, Children = $2.00

NOW OPEN - Saturday, August 18, 1956
CARNATION PLAZA GARDENS is planted. Located in the center hub, it replaced the bandstand gazebo, but was short lived.

NOW OPEN - Wednesday, August, 22, 1956
The I.N.A. CAREFREE CENTER-INFORMATION CENTER opens. Sponsored by Insurance of North America Company, it was a guest registration area and park information center. This location became famous for the free guide book maps they sponsored. 

CLOSED - 1956
The BONE CARVING SHOP closes in Frontierland. It had featured bone jewelry and carved items. This location will become the Davy Crockett Pioneer Mercantile.

ON THE AIR - Wednesday, September 12, 1956
SEASON THREE OF “DISNEYLAND" runs weekly until Wednesday, June 5, 1957. It is on ABC-TV hosted by Walt Disney. The theme song was “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

NEWS ITEM - Sunday, September 16, 1956
The CANAL BOATS OF THE WORLD in Fantasyland are redesigned, reopened and renamed Storybook Land Canal Boats.

NEWS ITEM - 1956
“D” TICKETS are added to the Disneyland ticket book system. The new "D" tickets include: Astro-Jets, Keller's Jungle Killers, Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Fantasyland Station, Skyway, Rocket to the Moon, Storybook Land Canal, Mine Train, Pack Mules, Stage Coach, Mark Twain Steamboat, Tom Sawyer Rafts, Indian War Canoes, Junior Autopia and Jungle Cruise.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The AMERICAN RIFLE EXHIBIT and FRONTIER GUN SHOP opens in Frontierland. This venue originally sold real guns along with displays of antique weapons that were prominent in American history. Although the listing stayed in souvenirs guides, after 1958 no real guns were exhibited.

NOW OPEN - 1956
DAVY CROCKETT CANTINA opens in Frontierland. This is a snack and fast food location.

NEWS ITEM - October, 1956
The 5 MILLIONTH GUEST enters Disneyland. 

NOW OPEN - 1956
The GUATEMULAN WEAVERS SHOP opens. This shop in Adventureland will later became the Safari Outpost. It is located in Adventureland across from the entrance to the Jungle Cruise.

NOW OPEN - November, 1956
The HORSELESS CARRIAGES open. It was sponsored by DMC.  It was also known as Horseless Carriages, a Main Street vehicle for transporting guests from Town Square to the "hub" in front of the Castle.

NEWS ITEM - 1956
The INDIAN VILLAGE is moved from its location in Adventureland to on area around the back side of the Rivers of America where Critter Country is currently located.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The MAD HATTER OF FANTASYLAND opens.  Hats of all kinds including custom embroidered Mouse Ears can be purchased at this location which is still open.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The OAK TAVERN MALT SHOP opens in Frontierland. This snack facility specializes in malts and shakes, as well as other fast food items. It will later become the Stage Door Café.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The OMNIBUS opens on Main Street USA. These double Decker buses are used as Main Street transportation to the hub. This bus is later used to pick up special guests for the 45th Anniversary Parade and the Parade of the Stars.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The REFRESHMENT STAND opens at Main Street Railroad Station. 

NOW OPEN - 1956
The SANTA FE & DISNEYLAND RAILROAD - FANTASYLAND STATION opens at the back of Fantasyland.  Walt Disney’s passion for railroad is brought to the park through the Disneyland Railroad system that encircles the perimeter of the park.

CLOSED - 1956
The SPACE BAR closes in Tomorrowland.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The SWIFT MARKET HOUSE EXHIBIT opens and is sponsored by Swifts Meats Company on Main Street USA.  

NOW OPEN - 1956
The YALE & TOWNE LOCKS & KEYS EXHIBIT opens on Main Street. This exhibit featured ancient and modern locks and keys from throughout history.

NOW OPEN - 1956
The WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE STAND opens in Fantasyland serving Welch's grape juice products.

NEWS ITEM - Fall, 1956
FALL 1956 TICKET PRICES change due to the repeal of the Federal Admission Tax and the addition of a 10 ticket book.
General Admission alone:                    Adults = .90¢, Juniors = .70¢, Children = .50¢
General Admission with 10 tickets:   Adults = $3.00, Juniors = $2.50, Children = $2.00

NEWS ITEM - December, 1956
Mad Magazine features a parody in their monthly magazine entitled "WALT DIZZY PRESENTS DIZZYLAND".

NOW OPEN - December, 1956
The 2nd ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARADE performs twice daily on Main Street USA.

NOW OPEN - December, 1956
The DICKENS CAROLERS perform Christmas carols along Main Street USA.

NOW OPEN - December, 1956
The CHRISTMAS BOWL features carolers and singers from local choirs perform with the Disneyland Band in the grandstand at Magnolia Park near Adventureland.

The History of Disneyland Timeline

The First Year ~ January 1 through December 31, 1956

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