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Welcome to Jan's World

"Not just a website... It's an Adventure!"

Serving Millions of Happy Guests since February 14, 1999

This website is lovingly dedicated to my late husband, David L. Vincent (1956 to 2005)

Beloved husband and devoted father to Chris and Sarah.

The man who taught me everything I know about being patient, loving all things nerdy and sci-fi, computers,

staying out of debt and most importantly, God! I miss you, Dave!




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The Grateful Dudes
Official Website

Santa Clarita's best  bluegrass band for over 27 years


OPEN      --- The Grateful Dudes Home Page

OPEN      --- The Grateful Dudes Facebook Page

Personal Pages

OPEN ---Jan's Testimony & History 


OPEN --- Jan's Connection to Laura Ingalls            

OPEN ---Jan's Connection to Walt Disney           

OPEN ---Jan's Family Recipes          

OPEN --- Jan's Family Genealogy          

OPEN--- Jan's Family Memorial Prayer Cards       

OPEN --- History of St. George, Illinois


OPEN --- Doctor Who 101  (for non-whovians)


OPEN --- My Funko Collection 


Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies
Official Website

​​OPEN      --- Krazy Kirk & the Hillbillies Main Page

OPEN      --- Krazy Kirk & the Hillbillies Videos

OPEN      --- Krazy Kirk & the Hillbillies Biographies

OPEN      ---Krazy Kirk & the Hillbillies History

OPEN      --- KK & H Official Performance Schedule

OPEN     --- Kirk Wall & Hillbillies Facebook Pg.

OPEN     ---Krazy Kirk & Hillbillies Fan Facebook Pg

OPEN      --- PIGMANIA Show from 1988​​

For more information, email Jan Vincent @


Complete History of the 
Golden Horseshoe Saloon
1955 to 2016

OPEN      --- Golden Horseshoe Saloon Timeline

CLOSED --- History of Golden Horseshoe Saloon

OPEN     --- The Golden Horseshoe Revue

                          1955 to 1986

OPEN      --- Golden Horseshoe Revue Album

OPEN      --- Golden Horseshoe Castmember List

CLOSED  --- Golden Horseshoe Jamboree

                        1986 to 1994

OPEN      --- Variety Show with Dana Daniels

                        1995 to 2003

CLOSED --- Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

                       1994 to 2013

CLOSED --- Woody's Round-up

                       1999 to 2000

CLOSED --- Laughing Stock's Little Town

                        2001 to 2003 and 2012 to present

OPEN      --- Golden Horseshoe Castmember Database 


​​OPEN      --- 1938 to Early 1955

OPEN      --- Opening Day: July 17th, 1955

OPEN      --- The First Year: 1956

CLOSED --- 1957 to 1959 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1960 to 1962 Timeline

CLOSED--- 1963 to 1965 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1966 to 1969 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1970 to 1974 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1975 to 1979 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1980 to 1984 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1985 to 1989 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1990 to 1994 Timeline

CLOSED --- 1995 to 1999 Timeline

CLOSED --- 2000 to 2004 Timeline

CLOSED --- 2005 to 2009 Timeline

CLOSED--- 2010 to 2014 Timeline

CLOSED --- Disney Ticket History 1955-2000

CLOSED --- Disney Ticket History 2011-2015

CLOSED --- Disney Yearly Ticket Prices

CLOSED--- Disneyland INA Guides Books

CLOSED --- Disneyland Souvenir Books

CLOSED --- Where was this on Main St?

OPEN      --- What inspired Main Street USA?

OPEN      --- The Films of Mickey Mouse

OPEN      --- My Family Connection to Walt Disney

OPEN      --- My 30 Years as an Annual Passholder

OPEN      --- Disneyland Parade Timeline

OPEN      --- PIGMANIA Show from 1988

​Vern Jackson 
Official Website

​​OPEN      --- Official Vern Jackson Page

OPEN      --- Vern Jackson Biography

OPEN      --- Vern Jackson Recordings

OPEN      --- Vern Jackson Appearances

OPEN      --- Contact Vern Jackson

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